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Delicious Potato Salad Made by Evelyn

Discover a heavenly blend of potato salad that will keep you coming back for more at Ultimate Side Dish By Evelyn.  CalI me for personally catered and direct delivery of  delectable potato salad dishes for customers throughout Essex and Union Counties, New Jersey.

Mission Statement

To share my culinary skill and passion for potato salad with my fellow potato salad lovers.

My Secret to a Scrumptious Potato Salad

 Each batch of potato salad I make honors the legacy of the Matriarch who first bought this recipe to life.  From the careful preparation of the potatoes to the harmonious mix of flavors using the freshest ingredients without preservatives, each step honors tradition while delivering a delightful experience for today's palates.

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I’d Love To Hear From You

If you have any questions, inquiries about delivery or catering, or simply want to share your potato salad experience, I'd love to hear from you.

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Mary’s Story-

My Mom was a potato lover.
Growing up in Georgia with her Mom, my grandma Ethel and her Aunt Bea,  Mary loved being in the kitchen learning about and cooking southern cuisine.
Since potato salad was and is a classic staple of the south, and because she loved potatoes,  she was dedicated to learning and perfecting this classic dish!

For decades she delighted family and friends with her potato salad until she decided that I was skilled enough to continue the tradition.
Our family is so blessed to have had our beloved Matriarch gifted us this special recipe that has stood the test of time!

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Evelyn’s Story-

I have always loved potatoes. I could eat them any way– baked, boiled, fried, broiled, mashed, and my personal favorite, in Potato Salad. Growing up in Newark, NJ, I would  help my Mom prepare salads in the kitchen. As I got older, I began making salads and sides for holiday parties which lead to many compliments and requests from family and friends!
It took my years to perfect my famous potato salad, but every step was worth it!  I never imagined my Potato Salad recipe would become so popular, but friends and family urged me to start catering and share this wonderful recipe with local grocers and that is where I am today.

Ultimate Side Dish Potato Salad is made in a commercial kitchen and even the largest orders are made from scratch by me, with loving care and without compromise.

Try my Potato Salad for yourself and see.  I promise you won't find a more flavorful or 'ultimate' side dish anywhere!

Evelyn B. Kirkland

Ultimate Side Dish LLC.


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